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Contrary to the common assumption and myth, permanent adult teeth do not emerge and grow in straight all the time. In fact, there are a number of possible issues that can cause teeth to become crooked, misshaped or positioned at odd angles. Along with this fact, crooked teeth can cause any number of bite issues and misalignment that interferes with a child’s development.

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    Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

    At Henry Orthodontics, we can help to prevent those issues from occurring and having such a negative impact on the child’s teeth. Many orthodontic issues can make speaking and chewing much more difficult. We can offer various orthodontic treatment techniques to help the child grow up with an aligned and healthy foundation for future teeth.

    From proactive care and early prevention to correcting existing alignment issues, our orthodontists can help provide the treatment your child needs for healthy teeth.

    While orthodontic treatment focuses on helping children prepare for their adult teeth and help to keep teeth in the proper alignment, it is not solely a cosmetic profession. As an orthodontist, our early orthodontic treatment can help them have and maintain healthy teeth. Along with that, there are other options for treatment besides braces that we may recommend.

    Even though braces are an effective and sturdy method for straightening teeth, they are not always the most effective place to start for a child’s teeth. Thus, we will outline a potential treatment plan for the child patient’s specific needs. This treatment can spread out over several years and start when the child is around 7 or 8-years-old. Benefits of this treatment include:

    • Helping to shift the teeth into the proper alignment
    • Making room for teeth to emerge
    • Treating overcrowding issues
    • Helping correct bite issues
    • Promoting healthy speech development
    • Making it easier to clean the teeth
    • Boosting a child’s self-esteem in their smile

    There are more benefits with the main one being that early orthodontic treatment can help pave the way for healthy straight teeth as an adult.

    Orthodontic Treatment Options for Children

    As an orthodontist, we offer various types of treatment for patients depending on their needs. While we may recommend orthodontic treatment as early as 8 years of age, we may also recommend the child wait until more permanent teeth grow in. Three treatment options that we offer, occurring at various stages of a child’s development include:

    • Space Maintainers
    • Braces
    • Orthodontic Retainers

    Space Maintainers

    Believe it or not, a child’s teeth need to fall out at specific times to make way for the permanent teeth. However, decay, oral infection and accidents are surefire ways to speed up the process. The downside to this is that a baby tooth falling out early leaves a gap that the permanent tooth is not ready to fill. The other teeth can begin to shift closer together and take up the space of the incoming tooth.

    A space maintainer is an orthodontic device that can help to keep the space open for the teeth to grow in. We will customize this device to the child’s mouth, choosing between a removable or fixed appliance. After adjusting to the device in a few days, the child will also have to make other changes to their diet and oral hygiene routine.

    We can go over all of this with the child and adult during an appointment. The child may then wear braces or receive a different orthodontic treatment once more of the permanent adult teeth grow in.


    Another treatment option for straightening teeth is traditional metal braces. While there are other removable options for straightening teeth, such as clear aligners, braces are the most effective option for children. Braces are sturdy metal wires and brackets that we attach to the teeth. We can adjust the wires and brackets over time to gradually pull the teeth into the proper position.

    Braces can also consist of different materials that blend in with the shade of teeth more closely. However, each type of braces may require different levels of care. In some cases, patients may wear braces at two separate times in their life with a gap of time between both sessions.

    Children will most likely wear braces for a year or almost two years. The length of time will vary per the child’s teeth.

    Orthodontic Retainers

    Orthodontic retainers are a customized device that can help to prevent teeth from shifting back into the wrong position after straightening treatment. A retainer can be removable or fixed. The patient will have to learn how to take care of it. In some cases, a child may only need to wear the retainer at night.

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